In order to receive credit or a final grade for a class, a student is required to attend class 90 percent of the days class is offered regardless of whether the student’s absences are excused or unexcused [FEC legal]

You have three days to reinstate for an excused absence. Acceptable ways to reinstate: provide a Doctor's note or parent note.

If you do not reinstate within three days the absence will be unexcused.

Students can reinstate before 1st period, at lunch, or after school. A doctor’s note will be required after seven absences.

Any student who leaves school without getting permission and signing out will have the absence classified as truancy. Truancy is considered an unexcused absence.

Every tardy will result in lunch detention. Missing lunch detention will result in disciplinary action. When a student reaches 5 tardies/unexcused absences he/she will be assigned to Friday School. Friday school is held from 3:45-7:15.

Students violating the 90% attendance rule will be referred to the attendance committee. The committee has authority to deny credit and/or file charges. Fines or community service will be issued at the court’s discretion.

You should be in attendance every day in order to keep up with course work and maintain satisfactory grades.