Dimmitt High School Auto Tech

If you have a car or truck that needs repairs or maintenance, maybe we can help. We are here to help serve both our students and community. We take in vehicles that need repair to help educate our students and give them real world experience. Customer work is only done in the afternoon during Auto Tech and Advance Auto II class. Customers will need to pay the cost of the repair. All revenue from the repairs go to the program for tools, equipment, and extracurricular activities.

  1. Contact the program teacher, Jose Gonzalez once you read this entire page.

  2. After talking to the teacher of the program, bring in your vehicle.

  3. We will call you with a quote for the repairs. If you approve and sign paperwork, then we will continue with the repairs.

  4. Pick up your vehicle.

Yes, it is that simple. The vehicles are worked on by students of the program under close supervision of the teacher. We can do most repairs and services to domestic and foreign vehicles. (No overhauls on engines or transmissions)

We do help save you money while providing our students with actual vehicles to help train them. However, time is a factor when repairing vehicles. Typical time varies with each repair and school scheduling. So if you can spare the time, we can give you savings.

A few things to note:

We are teachers, so our students and their safety is our first priority. School hours are from 8am-4pm. While we do work beyond this, we also have to teach, so shop time is limited to a few hours a day. We do not work when school is out for holidays or weather. Time frames may need to be extended because of other priorities like major testing, field trips, and other activities beyond our control. Students will not be able to work on vehicles during those times. We reserve the right to decline any vehicle for any reason. All revenue generated goes to support the program and its activities such as field trips, contests, tools and more. The only insurance is what the customer has on the vehicle. We supply no additional insurance in case of but not limited to fire, theft, loss, weather, acts of God, and accidents. We usually do not work on vehicles older than 1996. Remember that we are training our students to work on modern vehicles for a career.

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